Discover healing on a deep foundational level

So…you’re over feeling tired, drained, and not at 100%. You know you need to eat “healthier” to feel better, but…

You’re not sure where to start. In fact, you’ve pretty much tried everything and probably more than once. Maybe you've seen a handful of practitioners. Maybe you experienced improvement at first, but you're just not quite where you want to be yet. With so many options + opinions out there, it's hard to know the best decision for you + your life.

But what you DO you know is that something in your life needs to change.

You’re a busy person, and you don’t have time to make the same mistakes over and over again. You know that learning takes time and change is hard. But hey, it’s something you’re willing to do, as long as it’s worth your time and will help you now AND later.

If this is you, I'm so glad you're here.

Our bodies are made up of complex interconnected systems. When given the proper tools, nutrients, and circumstances, our bodies have the incredible ability to heal itself by repairing tissues and systems, overcoming internal and external blocks, and restoring normal function. This is where Nutritional Therapy can help.

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy is the practice of achieving health + wellness by reversing the negative effects of the modern diet + lifestyle through:

Nutrient-Dense Whole Foods

Lifestyle Modifications

Transformative Education

Comprehensive Assessment

Cutting Edge Testing

Targeted Supplementation

How It Works

Based on your unique bio-individuality, NTPs work with you by balancing the key foundational systems of the body to address the dietary causes behind symptoms.

How I Can Help

A Holistic Approach

When your body is allowed to heal as a system, you’ll feel better across so many areas in your life.

No Guessing

I use cutting edge testing to create highly bio-individual recommendations to optimize healing and function.


I’m with you every step of the way during this journey. The information you’ll learn will impact your life far beyond the completion of our work together.

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Hi, I'm Melissa!


I use Nutritional Therapy, cutting edge testing, transformative food education + lifestyle coaching to optimize healing and function so you can feel free, easy + whole again.

Start your health journey now.

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